Thursday, May 1, 2014

What's Your Motivation??

I've been having a hard time finding motivation lately. I mean I just want to know the reason for waking up each morning? Especially if you don't really have a family (husband/wife/kids). So if you're taking care of yourself & everything is fine, why do people continue to move beyond that? I'm just curious what motivates you all? I feel like there has to be a reason to go further. And I don't think "MONEY" can be the only motivation for me. So what else can put that drive in someone without a family (husband/wife/kids)? I hope someone has answers other than money.....

I really don't want to stop were I am, but I have nothing motivating me to move forward **long sighhhh**


  1. Hey girl, lets stay in touch!!!



    See you soon!


  2. Oh my dear you are not alone...I hope you continue your blog because we are in this together. I started back to blogging. Sometimes it takes baby steps to get that motivation back. I hope all is well and to hear from you soon :)