Friday, April 8, 2011

"Wait'll they get a load of me..." -Batman

Sitting here right now just eating breakfast. Poptarts & 'Red Berry' Caprisun (which I thought I had gotten 'Wild Cherry' but hey 'Red Berry' works). Anywho, just droppin in to update ya'll (whoever even cares). Life is going well for me. My job has gotten better, my relationship with my boyfriend has made it past that 1year mark (whew!). I know most relationships don't make it past the 6month. So if your already past that hump, congrats to you!! I know around about that time "we" were tested many times, but pulled through. The spats you have make you even stronger. So don't just jump to "Break-up" as a conclusion to every argument. It doesn't make for a healthy relationship. If you can pull through it without breaking it off, you know that there must be something there. I don't know how I got on this subject, but moving on.... I have found new hobbies. Since I spend most of my time on the computer or on the phone I decided I would buy me some tennis balls and rackets. We have public tennis courts and I thought I would give it try. I also want to get back to sketching and drawing. Art was my favorite subject in school. You know if you don't use your gift, God could take it away. So don't let your techniques get rusty. Get back into some of those activities you use to do and see if you still got it. I think my skills are still there I been sketching a little.

Alrighty Guys & Girls TTYL xoxo


  1. awwwww happy one year!!! Congrats I am so proud for you since I barely made it still taking that big step? and let me know how tennis is going

  2. Congrats on completing one year thanks for sharing your happy moments