Thursday, January 7, 2010

We now return to our regular scheduled program...

Today was my first day back in college. It was pretty good aside from a slight headache. I take accounting this semester and I really gotta be on my grind. I have 2 more classes i'm taking, but they're very easy so that's not gonna be a problem.

Aaaaannnddd my college/community is giving a free tax assistance class. I'm planning on taking it, because that will really make my resume look so much better. I'll also be able to tell people that i'm a Certified Tax Assistant [that means I can help people do their income taxes] It can also become a side job for me if I needed a little cash. It's gonna take some work, but I think I can do it.

These are a few pics of me on my first day back to college. The boots have a flaming heart on the back of them, I luv these.


  1. Thiss is dopeee, I like ya new layout a lto check my new psot out pcee

  2. OOOO I like the jacket and the headband...oh I like the uggs!, Hope you had a good first day

  3. Loving those boots . . . Ms.Future Certified Tax Assistant :)

  4. cute!
    and thanks for the love,
    also i took accounting last semester... i hated it :/ but im bad at math,
    i studied really hard and made a b,
    but you seem smart you'll probably make an A :)

  5. oh and about the camera thing,
    i still have no clue,
    i dont know if your state has the photo enforced cameras,
    but they film it and it takes a picture of your plate and a cop watches it to make sure it wasn't a mistake and them they mail you a bill,
    in texas its 75$ but i already got one before and my dad said if i got another he's take away my car :/
    it didnt flash but i can't remember if it was night or day

  6. nice...eww i hate accounts

    have a great time for the rest of the semester =]


  8. Left you a lil something on my page, doll!

  9. Pretty pictures!! I'm in Accounting 2--hate it!!