Sunday, January 10, 2010

For me? oh you shouldn't have...

I recieved a beautiful blogger award from TishaJade @ Mixed Girl Mixed Truth and Jennifer @ Kiss My Bleauty ....Thanx so much girls

So i'm supposed to give 7 confessions

1. I do praise dances or what some may call "mime dance" with my twin sister

2. I love anything that has to do with computers [that's why I majored in busines]

3. I like to watch a soap opera called "All My Children"

4. I secretly want to be a salsa dancer

5. I have one more semester after this one before I graduate {smile here}

6. I love jackets

7. My favorite season is winter/fall

to watch me and my sister in action visit our youtube page at Double Blessings

I'm passing the award to...


  1. I use to do praise dancing but I stopped. Now my lil sis is into it.

  2. How nice of you , Much appreciated :)
    I checked out the youtube , You and your sis are really good !

  3. congrats on your award girly !!:)

  4. i loveeee the fall & i wanna learn salsa too [lol]