Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cat vs. Dog

Been pondering lately on a furry company keeper. But I don't know should I get a kitty or puppy. I enjoy living away from home, everything's going well; Though it does get a bit lonely sometimes. I thought it would be nice to come home to a welcoming friend. I do work, so I am gone for hours and no one is there to look after it. So i'm leaning more towards a cat. Which can take itself to the bathroom and won't care too much if I leave it for a few hours... any suggestions??


  1. Cats are definitely less of a hassle. They don't bark and don't have to be walked. Gotta make sure you keep their nails clipped tho, otherwise you'll be explaining why you have Freddy Kruger scratches down your arm. Lol And make sure you keep up with their kitty litters or your house will suffer. Otherwise they're so cute, and fun, and the short-haired ones don't really shed.

    Team Cats Lol

    ♥ With Love,
    Tisha Jade of