Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Yes! Yes! Yes! Im finally moving out and on my own. Im so excited (and stressed). I get to do all the things a girl likes to do. DECORATE!! So many possibilities, I cant wait.... I want my home to be a nice, calm place I can go after a long day at work

Things to remember:

  • I want to make sure I remember to get some plants, just to create life and a very "homey"

  • I want to get a fish tank (also for serenity)

  • I think I may get a pet (i.e. dog or cat)... but that would be later after I am settled

  • Furniture (of course). I have bedroom furniture, all I need is a nice couch and some chairs to match.... a table, etc.

  • Paintings/Pictures to hang up in diffrent parts of house.

I know i'm forgetting something. It will come to me hopefully....

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