Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why are you speaking, when no one asked you?

Soo, just decided to do another post, because I was tired of the same old post everytime I look at my blog. Lately I have just been commenting on other peoples posts. I love seeing what you bloggers are up to. I know I shouldn't just abandon my blog and what not. I'm trying to keep it up. Just can't think of anything to post. Don't like just putting any 'ole thing up for you guys. Just letting you all know I have not forgotten about ya. Keep visiting my blog, I will try to keep it updated :)


Vanessa and Angela Simmons created a special release of military inspired shoes. The special will only last until November 15. So don't wait to late you PASTRY lovers!! (more info)


  1. These are 2 beautiful ladies doing positive things and I support them and everyone else should too! By the way Angela and I were born on the same day!!Virgo's Rock!!!

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