Friday, July 16, 2010

aLmOsT DONE!!!

My thoughts of the Day: well, where do I begin hhhhmmmm. My life right now is going well. I am in my last semester of college. I only have one class (yippie). I could have been finished last semester but I kinda blew it off. Anywho its an accounting class, that I didn't really want to take. I took all the other classes they where offering already. So whatever DUDE, just get me outta here!!

Now it's time to start preparing for the REAL WORLD. A career, a house/apartment, the Independent LIFE. The BEst part? my own rules!! (hehe) And just think I did it all in 20 years. Wowzers, it's hard for me to believe to, but I'm happy I did it. Everybody say "Yay me!"


  1. YAY!! one more semester and your finish!..but don't jump into the real world yet...its pretty harsh

  2. Yay You ! Glad To Hear Everything
    Is Going Good With Ya Girly :)