Monday, March 15, 2010

Click Here!!!...[Thoughts of the Day]

So, if you don't know by I might as well go ahead and tell you. I HATE accounting [heavy sigh]. I don't know if i'm passing or failing, because my teacher hasn't posted all of our grades online yet. I'm hoping she has mercy on me.

Another thing thats kinda bothering me is this presentation I have due on the 22nd. I don't feel nervous until I actually have to get up and present it to the class. I wish I could have the same confidence I have when i'm at home rehearsing... but the truth is, it's not the same. So, hopefully I can get up there and not have a shaky voice [I hate that].

Other than that, my life is going fairly well. I'm just ready to start my "real" life. Like the kind after college, where I have a good job and a nice apartment, and set my own schedule...I guess the reason, i'm so happy now is because I realize I have only two more classes before I graduate college. Then my dreams can really start to take place. [smile here]

Ok, so enough about me, anything interesting going on in your life?
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  1. girl you will do well in your accting class. you just have to stay focus and stay in the prof.'s face as much as possible.

    im happy to see someone's focused because really right now this last semester of college is kicking my butt. its not so much as i am failing classes but i just dont have the drive for school nemore. i am ready to be out on my own with that good job.

  2. I soooo understand how you fee. When I get up there to present for my seminar class...I get that "shaky voice" and I hate, and I also can't wait to finish with college, just a few more weeks..thanks for the shout out