Sunday, January 3, 2010

Old Outlives Young

Me with my new hure doo [something simple]
My little cute clown socks, I bought for $1I luv headbands!! [scarves are so versatile]

So, i've been wanting to take pictures for so long, but my new camera accidentaly was dropped, and I have to send it off to get it fixed. I have to think of alot of things before I ship it off like how much is postage, how much is insurance...and that is what is really slowing me down. Do yall know postage has really gone up? and I need the insurance on it in case it gets lost in the mail. [paid a pretty penny for it]...Soooo, I finally just took out the old trusty cheap camera and it's still kicking, I guess i'll have to use it until my new camera is fixed. These are just a few night pictures of me around the house and so forth. [went a lil picture crazy]


  1. headbands and scarfs are verstaile and very cute! and they can hide a bad hairday and still make you look chic lol

  2. ima new follower...can we get the follow back @

  3. dopeee posttt check mine new out pce

  4. You know I'm having some issues with my camera ,
    Maybe I should send it off also . It's let me down one too many times !