Monday, January 4, 2010

My New Room [time 4 change]

Sitting here eating cheese puffs and ginger snaps, and decided to do a post about redecorating my room.

Since i'm almost out of my teen years [I turn 20 in June]. I was thinking maybe something like this...

or this...

I have to get me a bigger desk for my room, because this one is not doing it for me. I mean no space to work at all. I tried to find a vintage desk from a thrift shop, but none of our stores did. So, I went to Wal-Mart and saw a few that were to my liking.

I have the coolest idea for my dresser [inspired by Malibu Mara]...ok so you know how when your dresser gets really old and the handles just start to break off and what not? I've decided to make new ones for my dressers with maybe ropes or wire, and then put metal beads on them and walla, you got yourself new handles...I'm so excited about this idea, i'll try and take pics of the finish product!


  1. I love ginger snaps!! LoL.

    Good luck on your dresser sounds like a cute idea make sure you post pictures when your done.

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  2. I like the first one, and Also the Idea from Malibu Mara is a really good idea.
    You should do it
    =D. Nice blog btw

  3. The first bedset is nicee ; And that handle bar thingy is a great idea !

  4. It's not her idea, she just inspired me to be more creative...

  5. the handle idea is great!! i just had to replace the lil knobs on mine...wish i woulda thought of that before!!

  6. Thanx, i'm so happy I came up with'z easy and fun!

  7. yea that wasn't my idea,
    you go girl!
    that media table is really cool i need a new desk but i probably wont buy one in the dear future.
    i like the idea of wire and beads, sounds pretty!

  8. I love your ideas,a more mature kind of bedroom! Hope you post pictures of your results!!

  9. aghhhh ginger snpas my favorite!. I adore the first bedset. Have you tried typing in vintage dressers on google?

  10. I love the 1st bedroom design, you inspired me to do a post of my own being that my mom is adding on to the house therefore I'm moving to a new bedroom, I can wait to showcase what I have in mind, BTW the custom handle bar is a great idea.