Monday, December 14, 2009

Oprah and the Obamas

So, I watched the Oprah Christmas special Monday night on ABC. I thought it was great! I luv to see how the President and his family live. The White House looks amazing during the Christmas season. So anyway, Oprah got to take a stroll thru this magical place and she even got to meet Bo (the Obama's dog).

I Luved that they had a gingerbread house shaped like the White House and they even have a little creation of Bo sitting on the front lawn. (2 cute)...I think Michelle Obama always manages to look flawless, her and Barack have such great chemistry.

Since I can't tell you all the details in one post, here is a snippet from that special segment:
(I promise this is not a boring video, please watch & comment)


  1. I'm so angry that I missed this special. Hopefully they air it again :)

  2. Best President and First Lady Ever ! Haha
    That was a great one hour special !