Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Now on DVD!!

There are alot of great t.v. show, but unfortunatly all good things must come to an end...or do they? Many of our favorite shows that were cancelled for known or unknown reasons have finally made it to DVD. You can now enjoy Sister Sister, Soul Food, The Game, Girlfriends (one of my personal fav's) and the oh so popular Everybody Hates Chris on DVD.

This year, I picked up the first season of The Bernie Mac Show and Living Single. I also have all 8 season's of The Cosby Show on DVD (I luv that family). Maybe next year I can add to my collection of t.v. shows, by purchasing a few seasons of Girlfriends.

I also want to Thank all of my followers!! 2010 is bringing a new season your way. When you see an opportunity to pursue yours dreams, grab onto it and don't let go. Even if the odd's seem to be against you. BELIEVE and you shall RECIEVE!


Domanek-@ Outward Thinking
For some reason, I just luv her blog. So, make sure you follow her.

I luv her blog, because it makes me laugh and think. Please visit & follow her.

Tisha Jade- @ AkaFamous
Her blog is just very interesting and great to read. Don't 4get to follow her.

Just to throw in a few extra's:


  1. thanxs luv.

    && luv yur new banner btw. great way to start 2010

  2. thank your blog also

    xoxo God bless you:)

  3. ur blog will be promoted today go check it out

  4. Aw , Thnxx Alot :)

  5. i love girlfriends and everybody hates chris!

  6. Sorry I keep changing my banner, I'm tryna get it together 4 the New Year.

  7. thanks for the shout girlfriend!
    have a very happy new year!
    nice banner too btw :)

  8. ohhh snap, everybody hates chris is one of my favorite shows ever!! and how can anyone not love girlfriends?! might have to pick some of these up!

  9. HI!!! Thank you so much for the blog love I really appreciate! Hope you have a happy and safe New Year!