Monday, December 28, 2009

No more Tyra Show!!!

So, Tyra Banks has decided to pull the plug on her talk show. She recently sent out a statement explaining the reason. I was not a compulsive viewer, but when I did watch I loved her topics. She is very real and honest to her audience...This news brings me to another topic 'Oprah'...she too has decided to end her talk show in 2010-2011. These two time slots will leave a huge dent in daytime television. To read Tyra's letter (click here)

(Momemt of Silence)
[soft music]

Where you a fan of the Tyra Show or Oprah Show?


  1. Well doesn't this just suck :(
    I tuned in daily , Geesh Tyra !
    I only watched the really
    good episodes of Oprah ,
    But she will be missed also .
    I hope Ellen isn't next !

  2. omg. wtf. whyyyy

    I love Tyra. She's one of my role models.
    I watch the show all the time.

  3. i love her show and the topics she discusses but some how she has to bring everything back to herself(self centered). while i will miss tyra i will still have my gurl wendy williams!!

  4. oh wow, I just found out about this through your blog :( how sad, like you I was not an avid viewer but I enjoyed having the option. Oh well so much for her being Oprahs predecessor.

  5. @Jade -Wendy Williams does have alot of great guests on her show. I watch sometimes. Racheal Ray & Ellen also have some good people/topics.

  6. I'm very upset with this. I love her show and I hate to see it go : (

  7. oh no!! I'm gonna miss tyra show's. Thinks for checking out the blog!

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  9. i loved the tyra show!! i love oprah too, but i found it easier in most cases to relate to her topics than the ones on oprah. but with both of them gone?! i guess i'll be watching ellen :] lol

  10. Yeah i saw this on Global Grind!
    iam gonna miss Oprah& Tyra banks SHOW
    Great Post!

  11. And ooh yeah i was more a fan of Oprah show!
    i still love it!:)

  12. No!!!!! I love the Tyra show....I can't wait, to see what she has coming up next!!!