Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nia Long on "Being a Single Mom"

Are you a fan of Nia Long? What is your favorite Nia Long film?

Celebrity parents really have to try and balance the scale between working and parenting. You have to know when to put the spotlight on hold and spend time with family. Nia Long speaks on how she juggles work and taking care to her 9 year old son, Massai.


  1. I love pastry too! I like all the funky colors..
    The white river rafting was fun me and my friends all fell out when it was like 11 feet deep and we cudnt get it.
    It was a lotta fun!

  2. lmao this is so funny because my mom is mariah careys choreographer and best friend so mariah lives in manhattan and nia long lives two blocks away so my mom and mariah were going to diddys halloween party so i had to stay at her house her son is soo cute but i was so young at the time.....

  3. I love Nia Long - my favorite film of hers has to be Love Jones ;p

  4. great blog.
    thanxs for the feedback on mine.

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    b/c i'm definitely following yu!!